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Wayki, meaning “spear” in Latin America’s native Mapudungún language, is a system that facilitates the opening and closing of fruit covers.

“Wayki’s system is patented and protected under Chilean law 19.039. International patent pending.”

Advantages of Wayki


Labour reduction. Opening or closing 10 hectares in a day requires only 1 person against 80+ workers with traditional systems.


A good handling of covers is paramount in cherry production. Cherries under cover throughout their development lose up to 10 Durofell points compared to those exposed to the sunlight. On the other hand, cherries exposed to rain before the harvest lose the fruit strength needed for export.


Covers affect pollination. The reduction of UV in cherries under cover, causes the bees to be disoriented and unable to pollinate the flowers properly.


Easy to install. Installation does not require modifications to the existing structure either in wooden, metal or concrete poles.

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